Liveblogging the Genealogy Blogger Summit — #2

Posted On: June 28th, 2008 | Posted by: Dean

We’re just about to get underway. Dick Eastman’s blog is being projected on the screen to the panelists’ right. Will the panelists be walking us through their respective blogs one by one? Since I access the genealogy blogs I read almost exclusively via RSS, I don’t tend to see the latest ads and other content on the blogs themselves. Feedburner isn’t yet to the point where it offers me genealogy-related ads in my genealogy-related feeds.

OK, Dick Eastman has taken his seat. Paula of SCGS is offering a quick intro. She thinks this is the premier session at their Jamboree. Shelly asks the bloggers in the audience to raise their hand. I tentatively raise mine (do four posts make me a blogger?)

Leland’s discussing his deafness problem, and gets lots of laughs about how he may say some odd things based on how he’s able to interpret what the panelists and audience members will be saying. He wants to make this a fun exercise. Blogging is addictive, stressful and stress-relieving, he comments, but it can also be a lot of fun. Of 25 posts we would make a day early on, most were simply news items he ran across.

Dick starts. Apologizes for the ads at the top of his site. He started a weekly newsletter, now it’s daily. Began writing about blogs, it dawned on him that he had been writing one himself. When he began talking about them, got a lot of blank stares. Typically posts 1-3 times per day. What’s different about his? Free and per-pay section.

Megan’s next. She blogs in several forms. Started about April 2006. Hers is “utterly random”. Hard to keep it going. Very irregular: 2x per day to once per week. She views Roots TV as a kind of blogging on steroids.
Also mentions Facebook. Even easier than blogging. Genealogists are joining Facebook. Already, someone has blogged about her talk last night. Microphone dropped down her pants. She was quoted as saying “that was an interesting sensation.” Randy’s comment “but was that a geneagasm”. Laughter all around.

George Morgan takes the microphone. Started “Along These Lines”. Had to stop because he just didn’t have the time, with all the other stuff he’s been doing. His local society has gone to a blog format, ditching paper newsletters. Only two members objected. Co-hosts Genealogy Guys podcast. Makes some money from sponsorships.


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