Liveblogging the Genealogy Blogger Summit — #3

Posted On: June 28th, 2008 | Posted by: Dean

Over to Steve Danko. Started a few days after Megan and Randy. Wanted to share info about his ancestors with others. Set out to host his documents online and give his relatives and others access to them, along with a transcription and a translation. He heard from the Genealogy Guys’ podcast how to set up a blog. Was also inspired by another early blogger. Blogged about a Polish Genealogy conference and got a big response. Posts once per day. Has connected with cousins in Poland and the UK, as well as many others. Has been very rewarding for him.

Shelly comes from a journalism background. Wrote a column for the Jerusalem Post on genealogy. JTA came to her and asked her to be their first blogger. She averred (I’m older than 20!). Maintains she needed a lot of handholding and tech help. In 2006, she started by blogging from the International Jewish Gen conference. Posts consistently 5-8x per day. Main focus is Jewish Genealogy. Has enjoyed meeting interesting colleagues through the process. Glad she wasn’t afraid to start.

Randy admits he’s a geneaholic, even has the shirt to prove it. His wife has one too! In April 2006, he said to himself, “I could do something like that”. He’s found that content is difficult to come by. By May, he was inspired in the shower to name it “Geneamusings”. Two years later, about 2000 posts. 2-3 per day unless he’s with his grandchildren or on a cruise! He’s president of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society, which he’s working hard to grow. Has started a blog for the Society, which provides outreach on a daily basis.

Randy’s themes have changed over time. Used to look for strange names in the census (“census whacking”). Doesn’t post all the genealogy news, but likes to comment on it. Still active as a genealogist. Interested in software, doing reviews of each. Mentions new websites (including us… thanks Randy!). Likes to post screenshots of his experience with new databases. Likes to be funny if he can (he often is!) Leland asks Randy’s wife if he does anything else.


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