Liveblogging the Genealogy Blogger Summit — #5

Posted On: June 28th, 2008 | Posted by: Dean

Shelly admits that since she started her blog, she doesn’t have as much time to do her own research! She also likes the Carnival of Genealogy. Used the prompts to motivate her to discuss her own unique ancestors. A few months ago, a Russian cousin found her through her blog and mentioned his work on time travel. Couldn’t grasp why genealogists would be interested in that!

“He’s chased his ancestors all his life… he’s gone to get the answers” will be George’s epitath on his tombstone.

Dick has mentioned one of his elusive ancestors on his blog, and has yet to get any helpful info as a result.

Leland alludes to the addictive nature of blogging. He has at times felt that if he or Dick didn’t mention something, it wouldn’t get mentioned. Felt obligated to get the news out. Now he doesn’t feel as guilt-driven, since he has so many blogging compatriots. Kimberley Powell, Julianna Smith were among the early contributors.

Leland talks about taking Google ads. They do make money, evidently! He also publicizes stuff about Everton’s, since they pay his salary. Not a bad way to make a living. Dick says it’s a part of his income, but not all of it. Do the rest of you generate any income from your blog, Leland asks? There’s a clear hesitancy on the panelists part to discuss this topic.

Dick shares an interesting experience. He has wi-fi in his van. On a Footnote user experience trip a ways back, he drove the van while the Footnote engineers worked on the site. Impressive.

Randy doesn’t receive income. Thinks Google ads not worth the effort. He doesn’t have enough traffic… has about 1/10 of Dick’s traffic. Doesn’t take ads or freebies, wants to be independent. Sounds like there might be a little competition among the panelists about license plates. Dick doesn’t take the bait on the “independence” topic. Interesting.


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