Liveblogging the Genealogy Blogger Summit — #6

Posted On: June 28th, 2008 | Posted by: Dean

Leland asks what kind of posts generate the most traffic? Megan says she doesn’t keep track of her stats. The “Annie” story generated a lot of comments, and the Genealogue parodied her, which also made her feel she’d arrived. Touts the utility of Facebook Groups… particularly for her new project on un-identified deceased persons. Has generated a surprising amount of interest and engagement.

Randy talks about “blog-a-lanches” — big responses to particular posts. Says when he links to Terry, or posts a comment on another blogger’s site, he’ll see a traffic surge. Saw this when he commented on Dick’s post about Ancestry/Rootsweb. Steve’s had the same experience… wrote a post for the Carnival of Genealogy about ethics in writing family histories. Dick commented on it, then e-mails started coming in requesting copies. Steve does check his stats. Notes his numbers are similar to Randy’s.

A questioner from the audience asks, do your blogs lead to authoring opportunities? What about copyright issues? Steve answers that anything you post is copyrighted by default. Protecting your material from infringement is another story. Craig from the audience verifies this. His URL is www.geneablogie.blogspot.com.


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