Liveblogging the Genealogy Blogger Summit — #7

Posted On: June 28th, 2008 | Posted by: Dean

Dick says he gave up on trying to enforce copyright infringement. He changed his copyright statement to let others use them for free. Now people steal his material and give him credit. He avoids the ulcer. Dick brings up Greg’s/Craig’s post about the Megan microphone incident. Laughter all around!

I went to approve a pingback from WordPress on an earlier post and missed Shelly’s comments about the decline of print publications and the advantages of sharing and connecting with others through her content.

Dick mentions that he gets more readers via e-mail than he does on the web. E-mail remains his most effective way to distribute info… his subscribers don’t always want to go to the web. George concurs.

Leland mentions RSS feeds (I raised my hand to ask about that too!) Steve has us scroll down to the bottom of his site, where you can subscribe to his site. Dick uses NetNewsWire and describes the basis advantages of RSS. The numbers onscreen climb as the reader retrieves the various feeds. Sounds like RSS is still something that many are unfamiliar with.

One of the bloggers in the room has taken a picture and posted it to her blog. Another picture is taken of the panelists looking at themselves on someone’s blog. Entirely too meta!


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