Liveblogging the Genealogy Blogger Summit — #8

Posted On: June 28th, 2008 | Posted by: Dean

A questioner from the audience wants to know how to get info they want to share to bloggers. Dick points out the function of comments at the bottom of a blog post. He suggests she start her own. The questioner doesn’t want to, but just wants to e-mail her ideas to a blogger for them to post. Many on the panel indicate a willingness to do so, if the content fits.

More on comments. Steve admires the way Dick handles the negative comments he gets on his blog.

An audience member asks how to attract traffic to her blog. Shelly suggests focus and differentiation. Something unique, something niche. Before you think about traffic, think about your audience, and about what you’re going to address that’s different. If it is, people will come.

Randy suggests commenting on others’ blogs, participating in the Carnival of Genealogy. The genealogy blogger community is very accepting of newcomers. We know how hard it can be. Randy again mentions his visit with me at the booth yesterday. My gratified response that he had read my blog despite how new it is.

Dick returns to the topic of RSS. Has brought up the reader he uses. Demonstrates it to the group.

A questioner asks about which software to use to get a blog started. Steve demonstrates Blogger. Randy explains how Blogger hand-holds for you, gives you templates, let’s you have complete control, almost intuitive. Steve talks about WordPress and its various versions. George also uses Blogger. He notes that these sites have space limitations, which may be an issue for those with who put up a lot of images. Dick uses Typepad (which isn’t free). Suggests starting with a free site. Shelly suggests using colors on your blog with good contrast and readability.


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