NGS 2009 Highlights Thus Far

Posted On: May 15th, 2009 | Posted by: Dean

I’ve been at the booth basically non-stop this week, so I can’t comment on the numerous cool talks I’m sure have been given. But here are a few of the memorable experiences I’ve had here in Raleigh so far:

  • Stephen Morse stopped by the Genlighten booth for some Dove chocolate [I love it when he does that!]
  • The always-friendly head of a major genealogy magazine firm stopped by to invite me to dinner.
  • A potential lookup provider from Michigan who signed up a year ago wondered aloud in a kind way if we still existed… I reassured him that we did and thanked him for his patience.
  • Several potential providers who I’ve had long conversations with have brought up “this lady in Chicago who’s fantastic at getting death records for me.” Yup, that would be my lovely co-founder.
  • Occasionally when a booth visitor has asked what Genlighten’s all about, I’ve slipped and mentioned one or more of our direct or indirect competitors and how we compare to them. The booth visitors have given me puzzled looks, like they can’t think of anyone else that does what we do. That won’t last, but it’s cool for the time being.
  • Randy Seaver was kind enough to mention my few #ngs09 tweets in a blog post.
  • A senior official at one major site stopped by to discuss a very attractive partnership possibility. Nice…
  • I managed to get my son’s macbook pro to act as a wireless router, allowing my two non-apple notebooks to connect to the web by sharing my broadband data card. Glad I didn’t spring for the $700 wireless connection the convention center wanted me to pay for.

Will there be more tomorrow?  Stay tuned!


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