Next Up: Colorado Family History Expo 2009

Posted On: June 2nd, 2009 | Posted by: Dean

After a week off this coming weekend, it’ll be time to head off to another genealogy conference the following weekend, June 12th-13th. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to recruit lookup providers from Colorado for almost a year, and now I’ll get my chance.

At Holly Hansen’s invitation, I’ll be trying to share my impressions of the conference in this blog and via Twitter.

I don’t often get away from the Genlighten booth to attend many presentations during conferences like this one, and I’ve only rarely attended any evening conference events, but I’m making an exception this time. I’m very much looking forward to attending Jean Hibben‘s banquet presentation. I met Jean at the Mesa FHExpo back in November, and I was highly impressed with her combined background in genealogy, history and folklore. Looks like she and “Uncle Butch” will be providing musical entertainment as well!

Presentations I’m Working On

I’ll be giving the Footnote for FHC Consultants talk I gave back at the Mesa FHExpo last November, updated to discuss the records Footnote has added since then along with their new “I Remember” pages.

I also plan to present an Introduction to Twitter for Genealogists. This will be a completely overhauled version of the talk I gave at the South Davis Family History Fair back in March of this year. Twitter is no longer the obscure geek-oriented service it was then. Oprah and other celebrities have embraced it and the mainstream media has coronated it as the next big shiny thing. If you’ve found Twitter helpful in furthering your genealogy research, please let me know in the comments to this post.

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