A Non-Genealogy Aside

Posted On: February 18th, 2010 | Posted by: Dean

Molex lensed MT in MTP cableI’m in Guadalajara Mexico tonight on a business trip for my day job as an optical design engineer. I opened up my e-mail this evening to learn that a good friend from our Church congregation is to undergo surgery tomorrow. I called her on the phone and sensed she was calm and confident about the procedure. It turns out the surgeon will use a robotic telesurgery system named after a justifiably famous artist.

I couldn’t restrain myself from mentioning that I had played an extremely small part in designing the molded polymer lenses used in the optical connector for the video transmission cable that connects the remote console with the robotic surgery unit in the system my friend’s surgeon will use.

Kinda cool. Now I have one more reason to pray for the surgeon’s success.

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