Surname Saturday: Swetland

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Here’s what I know (or believe I do) about my SWETLAND line.

1. Dean Richardson

2. David Richardson, born 17 Nov 1935 in Erie, Erie County, PA; died 16 Oct 1998 in Stanford, Santa Clara County, CA

3. Owen Richardson, born 02 Dec 1899 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, MD; died 05 Dec 1993 in Edinboro, Erie County, PA

4. Louise Grant Smith, born 01 Apr 1861 in Detroit, Wayne County, MI; died 01 May 1941 in Saybrook, Ashtabula County, OH

5. James Thomas Smith, born 1834 in Waterville, Oneida County, NY; died 18 Feb 1863 in Detroit, Wayne County, MI

6. Marcia Mahala Swetland, born 1808, Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY; died 05 Jun 1885 in Chicago, Cook County, IL

7. Benjamin Swetland, born 29 Sep 1756 in Bolton, Tolland County, CT; died 29 Sep 1819 in Waterville, Oneida County, NY

8. John Swetland, Jr. born 1708 in CT; died 16 Mar 1783.

Some of the data above is from “Memories”, a typescript family history compiled by Louise Grant Smith. Other details (including the image of Benjamin Swetland’s music, copied into his Revolutionary War roster book) is from “Chapter Sketches” as referenced below.

Bibliographic details from Google Books:
Chapter Sketches: Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution; Patriots' Daughters
By Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution,  Mary Philotheta Root,  Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution
Published by Connecticut chapters, Daughters of the American revolution, 1904
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Feb 26, 2008
390 pages

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