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Google Analytics as a Customer Service Tool

Friday, March 19th, 2010


I tend to check Google Analytics way too often to see how many visitors stop by Genlighten on a given day and where they’re coming from. Occasionally I’ll notice an interesting keyword someone entered into Google to find our site.

One keyword phrase jumped right out at me a few days back — it’s #5 in the screenshot shown here. What was this person thinking, I wondered?

Were they annoyed by something they’d encountered on our site? Had they had a bad experience with one of our providers? Did their credit card fail to go through? These are the kinds of things that keep Genlighten’s founders up at night.

After a little research and a conversation with my lovely co-founder/VP Customer Support, I decided that the site visitor who’d typed this into Google fit into one of two categories. Either:

  1. they’d been frustrated by something on Genlighten that didn’t work for them and wanted to see if others had experienced something similar and written about it on the web, or
  2. they were thinking of using our site but were wary, and wanted to check us out first by seeing if anyone had posted a complaint about us somewhere.

Google Analytics doesn’t tell me much of anything specific about the identity of the site visitors it tracks. Most all of the data it provides is completely anonymized (and that’s a good thing.) But I’d very much like to help the person who typed “complaints genlighten” into Google become a satisfied Genlighten customer. If you’re that person, and you fall into category #1 above, I hope you’ll email us at or use our “Feedback” tab. And if you fall into category #2, I hope your search reassured you somewhat.

We’re new, and we’re small, and our site’s still in very early beta, but we’re determined to earn your trust and your business. Please let us know what you like about Genlighten and how we can serve you better. Thanks!