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Benjamin Swetland, Fife Major

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I’m a little late on the Memorial Day “blog about your ancestor who served in the military” meme. But my wife happened to search Google Books this morning for my 4th great-Grandfather Benjamin Swetland, and she came across a nice find. The Connecticut DAR published a book entitled “Chapter Sketches: Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution; Patriots’ Daughters” in 1904.


Beginning on page 250, there’s an article highlighting Benjamin Swetland’s life and military career. Among some of the highlights:

  • Benjamin served as a fife major in the Third Massachusetts Regiment during the revolutionary war
  • He claims to have been an “Eye Witness” to “the Surrender of Gen. Burgoin at Saratoga in the year 1777″
  • He copied a tune for the fife entitled “God Save The Congress” — a patriotic version of “God Save the King” into his roster book.
  • He later composed “A New Song”, which implored the government to “shake off your slothfulness” and give the “brave boys” the support they needed.
  • A musket he carried during the war and warming pan belonging to him were in the possession of a Mrs. William G. Mayer of Waterville, NY as of 1904.
  • Benjamin’s Roster Book, from which some of the images in this post originated, was evidently presented to the Chicago Historical Society at some point.


We’d encountered a number of sources discussing Benjamin and his descendants before, but this one provided details we’d not been aware of previously. Sounds like a visit to the Chicago Historical Society should be on our agenda soon!

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