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Google Analytics as a Customer Service Tool

Friday, March 19th, 2010


I tend to check Google Analytics way too often to see how many visitors stop by Genlighten on a given day and where they’re coming from. Occasionally I’ll notice an interesting keyword someone entered into Google to find our site.

One keyword phrase jumped right out at me a few days back — it’s #5 in the screenshot shown here. What was this person thinking, I wondered?

Were they annoyed by something they’d encountered on our site? Had they had a bad experience with one of our providers? Did their credit card fail to go through? These are the kinds of things that keep Genlighten’s founders up at night.

After a little research and a conversation with my lovely co-founder/VP Customer Support, I decided that the site visitor who’d typed this into Google fit into one of two categories. Either:

  1. they’d been frustrated by something on Genlighten that didn’t work for them and wanted to see if others had experienced something similar and written about it on the web, or
  2. they were thinking of using our site but were wary, and wanted to check us out first by seeing if anyone had posted a complaint about us somewhere.

Google Analytics doesn’t tell me much of anything specific about the identity of the site visitors it tracks. Most all of the data it provides is completely anonymized (and that’s a good thing.) But I’d very much like to help the person who typed “complaints genlighten” into Google become a satisfied Genlighten customer. If you’re that person, and you fall into category #1 above, I hope you’ll email us at or use our “Feedback” tab. And if you fall into category #2, I hope your search reassured you somewhat.

We’re new, and we’re small, and our site’s still in very early beta, but we’re determined to earn your trust and your business. Please let us know what you like about Genlighten and how we can serve you better. Thanks!

What Keeps Genlighten’s Founders Up At Night?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

On pretty much any page on Genlighten, over along the far right edge of your browser window, there’s a bright red tab that says “Feedback”. You’ve probably noticed it before. What’s this tab do, and why should you use it? Read on to find out!gs_feedback_tab_isolated

You Like Us! You Really, Really Like Us! (We Hope)

Ever wondered what keeps people who run web startups up at night? Besides the usual stuff, it’s questions like these: “Do people like our site? What do they like? What don’t they like? What can we change so they’ll come back more often (and order the occasional lookup while they’re at it!) What’s frustrating them so they don’t come back? What’s broken, and what works well?” The Feedback tab is designed to help us get answers to these questions.

When Should I Click on the Feedback Tab?

It’s designed to handle four basic situations:

  1. Ideas. In the course of using Genlighten, you say to yourself, “Boy, it’d sure be nice if they’d just add _______.” In other words, you have an idea for how we can improve the site.
  2. Questions. You try to use the site to perform a particular task, and it’s not obvious what to do next. You’ve got a question, and you’d like a quick answer to it.
  3. Problems. Something goes wrong on the site. An error message pops up, or something clearly doesn’t work the way you expected. Basically, there’s a problem we need to fix.
  4. Praise. You have a really satisfying experience with Genlighten and you’d like to tell us about it.

Note that the feedback tab isn’t designed for you to rate our lookup providers or give specific feedback to them. You do that on the Genlighten page associated with your lookup once the provider has uploaded your documents.


If you click on the Feedback tab, you’ll see the pop-up window shown here. This window is generated by a service called Get Satisfaction. They basically exist to help websites offer a simple, useful form of customer support to their users.

How Does the Feedback Process Work?

Notice the four links at the top left of the pop-up window: Idea, Question, Problem, and Praise. Depending on what kind of feedback you want to offer, click on the link and enter your message into the box provided. Sum it up with a short title, then add more details if you want. Click on the “Continue” button when you’re ready to submit your post.

Has Anyone Else Left Similar Feedback Already?

Just in case, Get Satisfaction checks to make sure someone else hasn’t already left feedback similar to yours. If so, you can add your voice to theirs. If not, just click on “None of these fit, post my idea”.


But First, Please Let Get Satisfaction Know Who You Are

Even though you may already be logged in to Genlighten when you click on the Feedback tab, the Get Satisfaction site doesn’t know who you are, so it asks you to log in or create a separate account. There’s no charge for this and you won’t get any unwanted email from them by registering.

To make things quick, you can just register using your Facebook or Twitter credentials. Get Satisfaction won’t spam your friends or your followers, but it will ask you to connect with the service you choose. If you’d rather not go that route, go ahead and create a Get Satisfaction account. You’ll just need to enter your name/Email and choose a password. That’s it!


Once you complete Get Satisfaction’s login or registration process, your feedback is posted for us to see. By default, your feedback is visible to the public as well, though you can keep it private (just between you and us) if you’d prefer.

Thanks for the Feedback!

We hope you’ll use the Feedback tab to share ideas, ask questions, report problems, or give praise to the team here at Genlighten. We sincerely want to make the site better and better. With your help, we’ll be able do just that.

Feel Free to Contact Us Directly, Too

If you’re more comfortable emailing us or speaking to us over the phone instead of using the Feedback tab, that’s just fine. Feel free to email us at, or call us between 8 am and 8 pm Monday-Saturday at 888-845-9990. Thanks!