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Surname Saturday: Guilford

Saturday, February 27th, 2010


Here’s what Dean’s been able to learn so far about his GUILFORD ancestors.

1. Dean Richardson

2. Roberta Matthews Knapp

3. Kenneth Guilford Knapp, born 07 January 1906 in Worcester, Worcester, MA; died 8 Sep 1974 in Bradenton, Manatee, FL.

4. Rosamund Guilford, born Jun 1874 in Williamsburg, Hampshire, MA; died 1942 in Westfield, Union, NJ.

5. Andrew Guilford, born 1839 in Conway, Franklin, MA; died 14 Sep 1876 in Williamsburg, Hampshire, MA.

6. Ebenezer Morris Guilford, born 24 Dec 1813 in Williamsburg, Hampshire, MA

New FamilySearch and several Ancestry Member Trees also point to Ebenezer Morris being the son of Ebenezer Guilford and Mary or Polly Packard. We haven’t been able to document that connection to our satisfaction yet.

The image at the top of this post is from the 1860 US Federal Census for Williamsburg, Hampshire, MA and shows a “Morrison Guilford” married to Sally and living next to their sons Lewis and Andrew.

If anyone researching the Guilfords of Massachusetts comes across this and has information to share, We’d be very grateful to hear from you. Thanks!

Surname Saturday: Knapp

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

robinLast week I listed my my father’s RICHARDSON line; this week I turn to my mother’s side. Here’s what I know (or think I do!) about my direct KNAPP ancestors:

1. Dean Richardson

2. Roberta Knapp

3. Kenneth Guilford Knapp, born 07 Jan 1906 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA; died 08 Sep 1974 in Bradenton, Manatee County, FL

4. Walter Ferdinand Knapp, born 16 Oct 1872 in Easton, Aroostook County, ME; died 04 Dec 1906 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA

5. Hiram Loring Preston Knapp, born 1844 in Kingfield, Franklin County, ME; died 1927

6. Benjamin Franklin Eastman Knapp, born 04 Jan 1822 in Freeman, Franklin County, ME; died 14 Sep 1885 in Lowell, Middlesex County, MA

7. John Knapp, born 02 Oct 1792 in Leeds, Androscoggin County, ME; buried in Freeman Ridge Cemetery, Freeman, Franklin County, ME

8. Joseph Knapp, Jr., born 1763 in Easton, Bristol County, MA; died 07 Aug 1839 in Freeman, Franklin County, ME

New FamilySearch identifies further generations in the Knapp line including Joseph Sr., Benjamin and Aaron Knapp, but I have not yet explored the NFS data tor those individuals in detail and I can’t support the assertions in NFS with any of my own research or documentation.

Several of my Knapps (including John listed above) married into the Wing Family, for which many books and websites are available (e.g., The Wing Family of America.)

Data for John and Joseph Knapp, Jr. above is from the book A Genealogical History of Freeman, Maine 1796-1938, by George A. Thompson and Janet A. Thompson, Heritage Books, Inc. 1996.

If any of my potential Knapp cousins are reading this and think you might tie in to the line I’ve described (or if you have evidence contradicting the details I’ve given) I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!