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Nine Questions with McNicholl Genealogical Services

Monday, March 1st, 2010

natarchiveOn most Mondays, I publish brief e-mail interviews with some of our lookup providers. This week I’m highlighting Carolyn McNicholl of McNicholl Genealogical Services.

From McNichollGenService’s Profile

Carolyn’s firm specializes in genealogical document retrieval for Scotland. She has convenient access to all the major Scottish record repositories in Edinburgh. Carolyn is a member of APG, the Society of Genealogists, and the Scottish Genealogical Society, among many others. She’s undertaken genealogical studies through the University of Toronto, the University of Strathclyde, and the University of Dundee.

Nine Questions with Kathy

1)    How did you get started doing genealogy lookups/research?

Genealogical research has always interested me since I was young. Lookups and research are part of my work everyday as a professional genealogist to help others with their own family history since 1994.   Sometimes a person cannot get to go
to a particular facility to obtain a document, and this is where we step into the gap to help.

2)    Do you have a genealogy “superpower”? If so, what is it?

I would say that my “superpower” would be that I cannot let go of something – dogged determination to find the answer to a problem.

3)      Describe a tricky research problem you’re particularly proud of having solved?

A client who could not find the birth of an ancestor in Scotland or Ireland, but I was able to find out that the first name of the person was incorrect in the marriage certificate – the flood gates opened after that.

4)    What are the ideal elements you like to see in a well-formulated lookup request?

Really just to have as much information as possible that a person may know, especially if it is a very common name such as Smith or McDonald, etc.

5)    What’s the most interesting record source or repository you’ve utilized in your area?

The National Archives of Scotland is a fantastic place for all those “non-vital” records.

6)    What technical tools do you use to produce the digital images you provide to clients?

Paintshop Pro, MS Paint, Adobe

7)    Any new lookups you’re considering offering?

None at this time.

8)    What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started as a lookup provider?

I would say go for it.  If you have some experience in your own family history research than you should have a good chance at providing lookups for others.

9)    What other passions do you pursue when you’re not at the archives doing lookups/research?

Hillwalking, Camping, Cooking, Music, Surfing the Web, Reading.

Lookups Carolyn Offers