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Disorganization to the Rescue!

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Last night I wanted to post an image of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s death certificate as part of my Surname Saturday post, but I (embarrassed frown) couldn’t find it. I went through my poor excuse for a filing system, and the certificate wasn’t in the folder it was supposed to be in… or anywhere else for that matter. I’m basically a poster child for all those talks given at genealogy conferences (or blog posts from DearMyrtle and others) about getting yourself (and your genealogy records) organized.

On the Bright Side…

Fortunately, in the course of my search, I came across a bunch of records (birth, marriage, and death registers from Massachusetts, mostly) that my son had retrieved for us when he was attending college in Boston a few years back. As it happens (and it happens to me a lot!) they’d ended up in a big pile, then gotten cleaned up into my genealogy catch-call box, and as a result, I’d never gotten around to putting them in sheet protectors, assigning document numbers to them and placing them in binders.


A New Find

For the most part, these documents offered closer-to-primary source info that confirmed secondary sources I already had. But in going through a death register for Andrew Guilford today, I came across something completely new: a possible maiden name for his mother, Sally _________, wife of Ebenezer Morris Guilford. The register listed Sally’s parents as Erastus and Philinda Brown. A few quick google searches unearthed histories and vital records compilations for Conway, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, and just like that, I had info that could (if verified further) push me back another generation.

It’s amazing what you can find when you’re looking (unsuccessfully) for something else!