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Thank You, Find A Grave!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I was taking a look at the list of sources of traffic to Genlighten today on Google Analytics, and I noticed several visits originated from A little later in the day, I received a Google Alert that pointed me to a forum thread for Cook County Illinois mentioning Genlighten. I’ve reproduced part of it below, with the usernames obscured.
From the Find A Grave forums

It’s probably not obvious from this screenshot, but the basic gist is this. A Find A Grave member posted a query on Find A Grave’s forum asking for help tracking down a Cook County Illinois death certificate. A helpful individual recommended that the original poster visit Cook County’s excellent site, which charges $15 for images of vital records. Another individual then mentioned “a cheaper alternative” and linked to chicagogenealogy’s profile on Genlighten. The original poster visited Genlighten, ordered the death certificate they wanted and received it promptly.

Our goal at Genlighten isn’t necessarily to always be the “cheaper alternative” (we often won’t be) but we very definitely want to continue to earn these kinds of referrals from satisfied customers. Thank you to all involved, and especially to Find A Grave for the tremendous service they provide to the genealogy community.