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Follow Friday: ThinkGenealogy

Friday, January 8th, 2010

mark_tucker_web_avatar_cartoonI subscribe to about 30 or so genealogy blogs via RSS. They range from folksy/funny to serious-news-focused to technique/strategy-oriented. One I consistently enjoy is Mark Tucker’s ThinkGenealogy. His posts frequently address some of my favorite genealogy topics:

  • The genealogy research process, and the ways in which beginners can increase the seriousness of their efforts
  • The “Genealogical Proof Standard” and practical ways to follow it
  • “Evidence Explained”-style source citations (in a way that motivates me rather than makes me feel looked-down-upon)
  • Genealogy software innovation (including original ideas of his own and suggestions for the major genealogy software vendors)

And we seem to share a number of interests beyond genealogy:

  • Scouting (Mark has blogged about being a genealogy merit badge counselor; I enjoy doing this too)
  • Web design and user experience
  • Quality presentations (Mark introduced me to Nancy Duarte’s slide:ology, a book that has totally changed the way I prepare talks and Powerpoint decks at work, Church, and elsewhere)

He’ll also be a speaker at the upcoming Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona. I haven’t yet experienced one of Mark’s talks in person, but I suspect his presentations will be refreshingly clear, entertaining and actionable.

If you haven’t visited Mark’s blog, I encourage you to do so. You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll come away motivated to improve the quality (and quantity!) of your genealogical research.